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Monumental Records are proud to offer a professional mastering service to all artists who require a clean, equalised sound for their songs.

With a team of qualified sound engineers, you can rely on Monumental to provide high quality, reliable mastering - at an affordable price!

For the entire month of March, we will be slashing prices and cutting £10 off for each master you order.

We're calling this March Masters and as veterans in audio engineering, we understand that whether you're working on a single for Spotify or a full length album for physical distribution, your requirements are the same: industry standard mastering!

See our options below for our mastering services.



Mixing is one of the most important and crucial processes in making a hit song. It can make or break a song, that's no exaggeration! A good mix is achieved by an equal balance of all of the elements from vocals, to drums, guitars and pretty much any other element within the song itself. Our turn around for a single mix is between 3-5 days unless otherwise stated.


We offer a bundle package which consists of every benefit from the mixing service, including the added bonus of a final master of your song. Mastering is the final component to your hit song. Mixing is the first step in a two part process to achieving industry quality sound. The second step is a final master - don't forget that you'll need this in order for your track to compete with other songs on the radio and in streaming playlists.


If you've already had your song mixed by someone else and simply need a final master on your track, we've got you covered! Please bear in mind that the mixing does a great deal of the leg work. So you will need to have a professionally mixed song in order to get the best results out of the mastering process. Nevertheless, our sound engineers will do their very best to bring the best out of the song.